Legenary Wide Receivers in the NFL

The guys on the field that wear the Tight Pants are the notorious Wide Receivers and they wear these pants so tight for both for the comfort and to to avoid giving the defenders anything to grab on to.
Wide Receivers are the guys on the field that simply catch the ball. He must have must have super speed, good hands and great football sense. They need to be able to both catch the ball and have the speed to run for yards after making a catch. Besides being fast and talented, a wide receiver needs to have good concentration and be able to run smart passing routes so the quarterback has can find him so that he can throw the ball.  The wide receiver is a "flash position" - receivers are the ones that score the touchdowns and it is these guys that make most of the week in review highlights in the news.

Jerry Rice better known as The Goat


Lynne Swan was truly like Baryshnikov in Cleats

Steve Largent otherwise known as Master of Illusion 

Art Monk always brought in the Big Money

Raymond Berry known for his Determination, Dedication and Desire

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